Shadowrun: Dirty Laundry


Time to get to work.

SEATTLE WIRE SHEET, Top Stories; Week of 2/7

2/7 – Lonestar ‘unconcerned’ over increased gang violence in the Redmond Barrens.
2/7 – Hollywood Simsense Entertainment throwing huge gala next week.
2/6 – One the Beach: Puget Sound showing new face after decades of decay.
2/6 – Lone Star has no comment on beefed up patrols in Redmond.
2/5 – Renraku Arcology due to open in late 2059.
2/5 – Organ-legging and related crimes increasing, say experts.
2/5 – Gangs targeting Joyboys? Fourth murder victim found.
2/4 – Global Technologies betting the farm on new ‘military simsense chip’, says industry insider.
2/4 – Mariners Up Sox 8-6, Rogers Grand Slam
2/4 – Bargain Medical Plans.
Sea-Tac citizens, especially those in Tacoma, find that Citizen Medical Plans for high-risk users is now cheaper than regular coverage due to lower number of claims.
2/3 – Skirmish between Spike Wheels and Eye-Fivers kills fourteen downtown.
2/3 – Body of prostitute found partial dissected, says witness
2/2 – Lone Star has no comment on deployment to Global Technologies office.



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